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Clancy is now 4 years old and seriously is the best dog I have ever had. He is so smart and personable. He loves everyone and everyone loves him. He was so easy to train and still loves his crate. He is my “shot gun” and loves to ride in the car. He has been so healthy with no medical issues. He is independent but loves to snuggle and give lots of kisses. I wish I could find the picture of him sitting in a circle of little girls at a party we had at our house but it exemplifies his personality. He is so relational and makes everyone feel like they are his best friend. Thank you all so much for raising your puppies with such love and devotion. We will definitely be back for more!!

Mandy Atkinson

Dewey previously derek


I can’t say enough good things about this dog and the people we got him from. They were so patient with me and worked with me every step of the way. We got Dewey shipped to us and we were scared he would be traumatized and I promise the second we met him he was giving kisses and cuddles. It was so clear he came from a loving place and he hasn’t stopped loving. Everyone always asks me how I got him to be this well behaved and I swear whispering pines must’ve done half the work. Can’t wait to get another.




Remi is a perfect dog size for me! At 15lbs of energy and activity we are such a great match. Willing to cuddle or play tug of war….everyone loves this dog. He has been healthy, loves his crate and was easy to train. The best!

Lenell Devereux



I have had dogs all my life…Remington is the best dog ever. Smart as a whip, personable and obedient. Crate trained..his happy place. Everyones loves Remi…no shedding! He is active but loves to cuddle.
His size at one year is 15 lbs of energy. Love this happy dog.

Lenell Devereux



We got Ham 3 years ago and he has been the best addition to our family. He is sweet, fun-loving and loves kids and adults as well as all dogs. He is docile and makes friends easily. Ham plays well with others and is loved by all that meet him.

Karen Shea



Our bundle of puppy is 6 months old and we fall more in love with him each day. Thank you for a puppy with an amazing disposition and temperament. He is a blessing to raise, learning so fast with such enthusiasm. Thank you and bless y’all. Barb. & Paul Ziembas 💕🐕

Barbara Ziemba



March 2017 we picked up our little puppy Addie. This is a followup testimonial from 2018. Today Addie is approximately 4 1/2 years old. I find myself writing to today in order to once again share our over the top love for this little (25 lbs) girl. Everyday is a new day waking up to her affectionate morning greeting and companionship.
Addie is the highlight of our day and the love of our life…a feeling shared by our many friends who visit.
Thank You Whispering Pines.

Joe and Cindy DeSilva



We just wanted to share a sweet picture of Nora who we got from you last September, born July 2020. She has been such a fun addition to our family. She is energetic, loves to play, super soft, and a great cuddler. She has fallen right into the pack and our kids love her. We’re so glad we found Whispering Pines and couldn’t be happier.

Nicole Yeske



Frisco is 1 year old and has been the greatest dog ever. He was potty trained quickly, eager to learn, sweet, energetic and has never shed a hair!! Also amazed at how strong his stomach is. Very few issues. 😃

Mimi Dwyer



Breckie aka “Big Red” is the love of my life. Her temperament is great. She has a great personality. A little feisty, but very well behaved. I have asked my wife for another Whoodle for my birthday.

Jack Turnbull



Raela joined our family in December 2018. She’s been a joy! We completed our service dog training in November 2019, and she’s been a great help to me!
Thank you so much for such a sweet girl!

Lindsay Escher


Raela 2020.jpg

Hi! Two years ago today, Dec.18th I picked up my mini-Whoodle and she has been such a great part of our family since! She is my trained Service Animal through Service Dogs for Veterans. Raela goes everywhere with me! Thank you Whispering Pines for being so loving and professional!

Lindsay Escher



We have had Lucy for about 15 months now…she has such a great personality and is just a joy…We are in Florida for the winter and she introduced us to so many people…she is great with people of all ages and other animals…everyone says she is the perfect dog…thank you for such a great dog!

kathy kennedy


B St Pats.jpg

Bellatrix joined our family at the end of October 2017, at just 8 weeks old. I cannot even express how much each member of our family loves this precious puppy. Bellatrix is so smart. Within the first 24 hours she was “ringing the bell” to go outside (including that she learned that the bell meant go outside to play). No shedding, sweet snuggling, and when I am home alone she brings out her “protective side”. These puppies are the Best! Thank you for this wonderful addition to our home.

Laura Scott



Webber is doing great! He’s star puppy certified! ~ Matt




We brought home our sweet Nellie girl almost 2 months ago and she has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She loves chase a ball, run like crazy, and cuddle on the couch. We could not ask for a sweeter, more loving dog. We’ve taken her on two long road trips and she was a perfect traveling dog. She’s also been super easy to potty train. People come up to us asking about her breed and loving on her like crazy everywhere we take her. We absolutely love her and are so happy she’s part of our family! Here’s a picture, even though it’s impossible to capture all her cuteness. ~ Anna



Frisco is one happy and energetic puppy… A great dog…. ~ David




We are well and so is Murphy! We have enjoyed him being apart of our family. Our golden enjoys having a buddy too. Thank you so much!  ~ Holly


Scott and family,

We are enjoying Boudreaux very much. He is about 35 pounds and very active. Also very smart and loving. Will send pictures soon.




We picked Addie up in March 2017 and fell head over heels in love. We read all the information provided by Whispering Pines and were thrilled to see how much was right on. Addie is the most loving and friendly dog we have ever had. She is a Terrier so many of those traits are seen but this puppy always smiles. They call her “the Walmart Greeter” at the dog park.

She turned 1 last week and is still full of energy. She is a great companion on walks, loves the beach and swims like a water dog. She has made our retirement transition amazing.

The Whispering Pines family show love and care for their puppies and I know that’s why Addie is so loving. Thank you.

Cindy & Joe DeSilva

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