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We have had Lucy for about 15 months now…she has such a great personality and is just a joy…We are in Florida for the winter and she introduced us to so many people…she is great with people of all ages and other animals…everyone says she is the perfect dog…thank you for such a great dog!

kathy kennedy


B St Pats.jpg

Bellatrix joined our family at the end of October 2017, at just 8 weeks old. I cannot even express how much each member of our family loves this precious puppy. Bellatrix is so smart. Within the first 24 hours she was “ringing the bell” to go outside (including that she learned that the bell meant go outside to play). No shedding, sweet snuggling, and when I am home alone she brings out her “protective side”. These puppies are the Best! Thank you for this wonderful addition to our home.

Laura Scott



Webber is doing great! He’s star puppy certified! ~ Matt




We brought home our sweet Nellie girl almost 2 months ago and she has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She loves chase a ball, run like crazy, and cuddle on the couch. We could not ask for a sweeter, more loving dog. We’ve taken her on two long road trips and she was a perfect traveling dog. She’s also been super easy to potty train. People come up to us asking about her breed and loving on her like crazy everywhere we take her. We absolutely love her and are so happy she’s part of our family! Here’s a picture, even though it’s impossible to capture all her cuteness. ~ Anna



Frisco is one happy and energetic puppy… A great dog…. ~ David




We are well and so is Murphy! We have enjoyed him being apart of our family. Our golden enjoys having a buddy too. Thank you so much!  ~ Holly


Scott and family,

We are enjoying Boudreaux very much. He is about 35 pounds and very active. Also very smart and loving. Will send pictures soon.




We picked Addie up in March 2017 and fell head over heels in love. We read all the information provided by Whispering Pines and were thrilled to see how much was right on. Addie is the most loving and friendly dog we have ever had. She is a Terrier so many of those traits are seen but this puppy always smiles. They call her “the Walmart Greeter” at the dog park.

She turned 1 last week and is still full of energy. She is a great companion on walks, loves the beach and swims like a water dog. She has made our retirement transition amazing.

The Whispering Pines family show love and care for their puppies and I know that’s why Addie is so loving. Thank you.

Cindy & Joe DeSilva

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