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Health Guarantee & Sales Contract
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Congratulations on the adoption of your new puppy! We hope this puppy will bring much joy and companionship to you and your family throughout the years to come! We have endeavored to give this puppy a good start in a clean, healthy, and happy environment. We hope that he / she will maintain a level of excellent health for many years. In the event of a health issue, we offer the Health Guarantee outlined below. However, as the new puppy owner, you have an important part in ensuring your puppy’s health as he/she develops.

Buyer’s Responsibilities:

  • Have your puppy examined by a state licensed veterinarian within 5 days after picking up your puppy.
  • Seller must be provided, by mail or e-mail, a Veterinary Examination Report within 24 hours if any health problems are diagnosed.
  • Provide puppy with routine preventative care including, but not limited to, quality dog food, a clean and safe environment, vaccinations, and routine examinations by a veterinarian. Buyer is aware that costs will be incurred to supply these and that they are responsible for these costs.

Health Guarantee:

  • The puppy has received its first vaccinations.
  • This puppy is guaranteed until one year of age against fatal and life-altering congenital disease which adversely affects the health of the dog. These include severe hip dysplasia (which hampers a dog’s natural movement and requires surgery to correct), heart, kidney, pancreas, liver, and spine problems of a severe life-threatening or life-altering nature. If the dog dies within its first year of life, Buyer will pay to have it autopsied to determine the reason. If the reason is congenital, the seller will replace the puppy.
  • There are some disorders which may be produced by environmental factors. This includes thyroid dysfunction, allergies, demodectic mange, and autoimmune disorders which are not covered under this guarantee.
  • Coccidia, Giardia, or other parasites that puppies commonly carry, are not covered under this agreement.
  • This puppy is guaranteed for 72 hours from date and time of purchase against infectious diseases such as Parvo, Corona or Distemper. It is important that puppy be protected, as much as possible, from exposure to other animals, dog parks, public rest areas, or other areas where there is a high risk of these diseases being present, until cleared to do so by a veterinarian.
  • This guarantee does not include Hypoglycemia (abnormally low levels of blood glucose).
  • Any physical problem which is, or could be, the consequence of injury is not covered through this guarantee.
  • We are not responsible to refund or replace a puppy due to reasons such as: owner allergies, landlord disapproval or moving.
  • There is no guarantee that the puppy will ever be qualified for showing, or capable of breeding, despite breeding or showing potentials.
  • This guarantee applies to the original puppy purchaser only, and is not transferrable to a second party.
  • This contract is binding, and supersedes all past agreements. This contract is void if the buyer’s responsibilities, as outlined above, are not fulfilled.

Return / Replacement Policy:

  • Seller’s liability is limited to a replacement puppy only. We do not give refunds. Replacement puppy will be of the same breed, gender, and color (if available.) If replacement puppy is not available at the time, Buyer will be given a voucher for another puppy and notified immediately when a comparable puppy is available.
  • Seller will not be responsible for any medical expenses.

Spay / Neuter Agreement:

  • We sell our puppies on a strict spay / neuter agreement. Puppies must be spayed / neutered by the age of 12 months. Original documentation must be mailed or emailed to Seller, stating that this has been completed, no later than 10 months from date of purchase. If a copy of puppy’s spay / neuter certificate is not received by the Seller by that time, Seller will assume puppy is being used for breeding, and Buyer will be billed the difference between a companion puppy price ($1,500) and a breeding dog price ($5,000). Buyer hereby agrees that this puppy will not be used for breeding.

This contract shall be deemed a legal and binding agreement between Seller and Buyer. It is further agreed that should any dispute / arbitration arise between Seller and Buyer regarding said puppy, the legal venue shall be in the County of Pickens, South Carolina.

We reserve the right to decline a puppy adoption for any reason. In the event that this happens we will refund deposit.

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